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In the medical field, tungsten alloy products are widely used in many industries.
Here are some common applications:


Tungsten cobalt alloy blade

During surgery, doctors often use surgical blades for cutting and scraping. Tungsten cobalt alloy blades are ideal for surgical blades due to their high hardness, wear resistance and sharpness. They are commonly used in eye surgery, neurosurgery, and other procedures that require high precision and precision.


Tungsten brazing head

In the field of dentistry and orthodontics, tungsten brazing head is widely used for the repair and connection of teeth. Tungsten brazing tips provide a high-strength welded connection with good corrosion resistance, making dental restorations stronger and more durable.


Tungsten alloy stents and implants

Tungsten alloy has excellent biocompatibility and is therefore widely used in the manufacture of medical devices. For example, tungsten alloy stents can be used to support fracture sites or be implanted into the body to promote bone healing. In addition, tungsten alloy implants can also be used to replace diseased tissues or organs, such as heart valves, artificial joints, etc.


Tungsten alloy needles and syringes

Tungsten alloy needles and syringes are widely used because of their high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent rigidity.This makes them ideal for use as vaccine syringes and blood collection devices, while also reducing patient suffering.

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