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Quality Control


Material selection and quality inspection

The quality of tungsten alloy products directly depends on the quality of the selected materials. Customers can ask suppliers to provide relevant quality certificates for materials and conduct strict quality inspections to ensure that materials meet requirements.


Manufacturing process control

Manufacturing tungsten alloy products requires strict process control to ensure quality. Customers can ask suppliers to provide detailed manufacturing process documents and conduct process monitoring and quality inspections to ensure that the product's processing technology meets the requirements.


Product size and geometry inspection

The size and geometry of tungsten alloy products are critical to their functionality and performance. Customers can ask suppliers to use precision measuring equipment to check the dimensions and geometry of their products to ensure they meet design requirements.


Performance testing and inspection

Customers can ask suppliers to perform performance testing and inspection on tungsten alloy products, such as hardness testing, strength testing, wear resistance testing, etc., to ensure that the products have the required performance and quality standards.


Quality management system certification

Customers can give priority to suppliers that have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. This certification ensures that suppliers have good quality management systems and quality control capabilities.