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In the aviation field, tungsten alloy products are widely used.
Tungsten alloy is a material with excellent mechanical properties and chemical stability, so it is widely used in the aviation industry in the following aspects:


Engine components

Tungsten alloy is commonly used to manufacture combustion chamber components such as engine nozzles, nozzles, and fuel injection holes. Its high temperature and anti-erosion properties allow it to withstand extreme heat and pressure environments while providing excellent wear resistance to increase engine performance and life.


Flight control system

Tungsten alloy is also commonly used to manufacture parts of aircraft flight control systems, such as baffles, clamps, etc. These parts require high hardness and wear resistance to ensure safe and reliable flight control.


Aviation electrical equipment

The application of tungsten alloy in aviation electrical equipment is also very important. Tungsten alloy electrical contact materials are commonly used in electrical equipment such as aircraft switches, relays, and contactors. They have good electrical conductivity and wear resistance, provide reliable current conduction and have a long service life.


Aircraft structural materials

Tungsten alloy can also be used to manufacture aircraft structural materials, such as aircraft casings, support structures, etc. Tungsten alloy has high strength, high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance, which can provide good structural strength and lightweight effect.

Generally speaking, the application industries of tungsten alloy products in the aviation field include engine manufacturing, flight control systems, aviation electrical equipment, aircraft structural materials, etc. These applications provide high performance, reliability and safety, so tungsten alloys have broad application prospects in the aerospace industry.

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