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Tungsten Bars, Sheets, Billets 99.95% Tungsten Material with ASTM B760 Standard

Name: Pure tungsten Bars, Sheets, Billets

Material: 99.95% pure tungsten

Density: 19.3g / cm3

Surface: Grinding finishing

Size: Standard or as per customer’s specification

Supply state: Sintered, Forged and Vacuum treatment

Package: Export wooden cases

Payment: Usually T/T and L/C, D/A can be accepted.

Accredited the ISO9001:2015 standard.

Produce customized tungsten sheet/plate/foil/strip according to drawing and requests.

    Product Description

    Pure tungsten is a hard metal from steel gray to tin white, tungsten with high purity can be sawed by swaging, pure tungsten is very fragile and difficult to be machined. Shapes can be processed in foil, strip, sheet, plate, wire, rod, bar, tubing, blanks, crucibles as well as semi-finished & finished parts, customs sizes.

    Tungsten billets from an excellent blank for the production of a huge range of tungsten components, as they are easy to store and transport, and designed to be worked into a final product, like Rocket Nozzles, Furnace Components, High-temperature tools or tungsten wire, that the billets can be drawn into.

    Besides, the pure tungsten element form, tungsten billets can be easily incorporated into alloys, as they are suitable shape and size to be cut up into precise amounts, perfect for blending with other metals. So it can be mixed with steel, copper and other metals to create a variety of high-performance alloys, and is a key component in the high-tech fabricated alloy metals used in jet engines, turbines, space programme.

    Characteristics and features

    Apart from its incredible melting point, pure tungsten has good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, as well exceptional hardness, which can exceed that of steel. While alloyed with other metals, tungsten products provide some of these properties to the alloy, boosting the melting point, thermal resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness.


    Because of its desirable characteristics, the pure Tungsten Bars, Sheets, Billets and Crucibles can be used in the high-temperature, high stress environments, including rocket nozzles, blast furnaces, vacuum furnaces, turbines and other heater applications.  

    1. Filaments, Vacuum Furnaces, Electrical Contacts
    2. Glass-to-metal Seals, Supports
    3. Electrodes, Cathodes And Anodes, Electronics
    4. Radiation shielding, Medical Devices, X-ray Targets
    5. Ion Implantation Parts
    6. Windings And Heating Elements For Electrical Furnaces
    7. Sputtering Targets, Heat Shields, Heat Bodies
    8. Tungsten Boats and Crucibles

    Technical parameters

    1. Product: 99.95% pure tungsten Bars, Sheets, Billets and Cruciblesl
    2. Specification: Standard or customized
    3. Surface: grinding machining
    4. Density: 19.3g/cm3
    5. Standard: ASTM B760
    6. Certificate: ISO9001:2015 and SGS approved
    7. Chemical composition: 99.95%Wu Tungsten, 0.05% impurity elements Max.


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